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All the way from SumbawangaRukwa, a city in western Tanzania. CreatePreneurAfrica’s CHIMWENDA WILSON SALUM , second-year Creative Art student at the University of Dar es Salaam creative is passionately and progressivele stepping on a pathway towards a degree in theatre art.

Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life? 

I need my ancient Africa with strong political, economic, social aspect, as well as our core cultural preservation. This is what drives me to find any way to build our new Africa .

Africa can rule the whole world in all spheres of life… Africans have each and wealth. Diplomacy and money used by outsiders and imposition of curriculums, camouflaged as education were set to line us as ‘new age’ servants…..

Africa has power, we have to first unite and abolish all evils implanted in our lives. And that will be the beginning of our new world that our ancestors want for us.


What is my true passion? ………

Art is my passion. Why art? .

Art has the power to change my Africa. Art is powerful and my beliefs are in protecting the core African culture where art originated.

Now is the time to unite! Everyone knows our ancestors used the power of art to live…..the weapon to unblind our Africans about this blessed land of Africa.All big nations will come and bow down to Africa ask for food, land, water nature, raw materials, science, and technology in the world of future Africa development

Meet #CreatePreneurAfrica CHIMWENDA WILSON SALUM on his artistic venture towards the emanciaption of MotherlandAfrica

  1. How did you find your passion and how old were you?

How did I found my passion? …….It was not that simple. It took many years to accept myself as an artist because here in Africa we mentally destroyed and cut off from all possibilities to find ourselves from external power domination automatically. Methods were structurally imposed in our lives from a long time ago ………They imposed that we are nothing before them in all spheres of life.

Art is a tool of liberation for individual and for society from anything bad in the world. Here in Africa, art it is not a priority to prepare us to support the continent. I want to change that. Art plays a big role and this is where I am strong enough to say I am an African cultural leader , because I know the power of art is new world liberation

Art of Africa is art of the world. Let me boldly claim the superpower of Art .


What about your passion appeals to you the most? 

Firstly I questioned why Africa did not give priority to art and this situation. I concluded that this was planted for specific purposes that we will remain slaves and truth and power of art stays hidden. And why? Because if Africans became aware of their artistic power they would be liberated. Africa is strong life and the world needs Africa for their development. The propaganda and inciting of war, hungry, civil war, racism keeps echoing on…..

Inside me I hear the voice that says “you have to stand up… Africa needs your passion and powerful leadership in laying out a solid foundation to new Africa.”

What  about my passion use to appeals to me the most? 

My passion is African art development in every  genre but my dream is strong education, health, political and economic strongholds.\

What drove you to make money from your passions?

The social and cultural aspects drove me to find money.There are powerful artists to liberate our Africa . These artists can plant a seed to youth and young generation to know what is good according to the African way of life . My passion and dream money will help me to share my knowledge and spirit  to another fellow Africans all over African continent and join the powers to build our blessed  land of Africa

My time, effort, and sacrifice pay my passion and dreams.I am not in a good position financially as a second-year University student and am still in the process of enlightening family and society about my role in the arts


What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

I accept my leadership role and duty of it arts development in Africa. Good leadership starts with me. After I strengthen my self I can strengthen others, and millions of youth generation are waiting for me. I cannot give up. I need to prove to my family the power of art. I need to help fellow artists to know their role in the arts.

If i give up no one can carry my dream, no one can help Africa I want to see. It is my duty.  I aim to be the source for other youth to  take action to the challenge and obstacles  they face



What motivates you every day to be even more successful?

Fire burning passion inside me motivates me, and those vision which I see . I have something so unique and it has a purpose . I believe in myself apart from individual

I have the company called AFROVIBRA give me power and direct me in a good manner as CEO and core founder of the company( brother Shafiq, bro Aidan, bro Maulinge, bro Coker and our legendary leader of this family or company called Eliya Wilbert Musa.

My mothers Magdarena Komba and Consola Eliya Wilbert those are my closest motivator and my dream instructors. Finally, my Africa current situation is what motivate me much to use all my potential to build a new Africa

What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you?

I accept because to doubt is necessary to grow. I mean in philosophy we doubt, reject, and accept the truth so it is good. Doubt in an intellectual manner is good. You research and find logical facts and arguments about any issue. This is what am doing to prove the truth about the power of art and probabilities in Africa unification and development.

What advice do you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you?

My advice is very simple logic that to the colonization of anything it firstly attack the culture of contemporary society, Call back our culture is to liberate ourselves from external power domination to Africa .

ARTIST is one of the last weapons left to unite Africa on our plate because we have used weapons, science, and technology, diplomacy, money, power but we didn’t unite.

 Africa let’s invest in Art to change our Africa. A wake-up call for the reunification of Africa and every individual is strong without education or any power, fame, and glory because you are born full package by God

You have the mission to accomplish and God gives every individual supernatural power thus can help to pass all challenges and obstacles towards your mission and vision so we are strong by born but we are strong enough together share our power to build new Africa but if we firstly unite and accept we are the one. I LOVE AFRICA

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