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Joan Nalubega encountered the plight of malaria in Africa one too many times during her childhood years at an orphange in Uganda. 

She resented the female Anopheles mosquito for spreading mortality and poverty by hampering socio-economic development. She was determined to war this life threatening battle against bloodsucking mosquitos spreading malaria, which seemed to be as common as the flu epidemic. 

This all came into effect with the invention of an anti-malaria soap that eventually attained scientific proof all the way from the Mannheim University of Germany of its active organic ingredients that repel mosquitoes. 

Welcome to Joan Nalubega’s ultimate solution for a malaria-free world

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Malaria, a mortality contributor accounts for over twenty percent hospital deaths She embarked on training in social entrepreneurship and set off to create a venture to tackle malaria, an ongoing battle in Africa.

She formed a company Uganics that specializes in products to combat malaria. An anti-malaria soap repellant soap lasts for six hours after a bath. Even laundry washed with this soap has the very same effect.

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According to malaria reports , children below the age of five are most affected with malaria. Ninety percent of recorded child deaths are due to malaria as rural communities have a lack of mosquito nets that are treated and other preventative measures.

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There are continuous efforts by governments to invest efforts in the distribution of mosquito nets and DDT sprays. Malaria, however, remains a factor as these solutions are not long lasting and mosquito nets only function during bedtime.

DDT raises other health concerns due to chemical compounds. The government of Uganda has issued a Medical Certification of Uganics soap.

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The soap solution is an affordable, organic long-lasting mosquito repellant that even helps mothers in rural families with babies.
The soap uses organic essential oils farmed by rural local women who earn income  and reach self-sustainability providing essential oils and for the product


Uganics Highlights

Anzisha prize second runner up  from South Africa, Johannesburg at the African Leadership Academy  for  eco-friendly  natural mosquito repellent
⦁ Manage&More Uganics Presentation in Stuttgart, Germany
⦁ Uganics presentation and mentorship and TEF Conference in Nigeria by the           Tony Elumelu Foundation
⦁ Grant by Cusanuswerk “Initiative Teilen”, Germany

Meet #Createpreneur Africa Joan Nalubega, our world solution to combatting Malaria


Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life?

One of my great visions is to see Africa a better place for us and for the next generation. I believe it’s our generation to mManage&More ake this difference, I am passionate about the well-being of an overlooked population with fewer opportunities to make their lives healthy, mostly because of their financial capacity. I believe everyone can have the best life at how much income they can afford.

 How did you find your passion and how old were you?

I was taken to an orphanage in 2003 at Kankobe children’s home with my sister after my mother got really ill, I faced a lot of challenges as a child with no parents around but mostly I was often sick from malaria, this made me miss school a lot, miss playing with other kids and made me as well a victim of discrimination and unhealthy as a kid.

But as a child, I always asked myself why I kept on being sick over and over again, so I developed an interest to learn more about malaria, I told myself when I was 11 years that I will stop this disease before I even had any knowledge or access to internet to search about the disease.

The more I have grown, I have been hearing people having different perspectives of Africa as a continent and its very sad to hear what they think, I want to change that, not by talking about the good things we have but by solving challenges that make us look bad and scary.

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What drove you to make money from your passions?

My passion being saving and finding solutions to problems I have faced is much stronger than my need for money and what drives me for Uganics is the need for an affordable, effective and easily usable solution to the big problem of malaria, that would have been easy for me to use then when I suffered its consequences.


When was the first time you were paid for your passion?

Depends, I got paid first for solving a challenge when I was 8, I collected tires with my classmates and made sandals for my fellow students who they did not have shoes for school.  For Uganics I started getting paid in 2017 when I sold my first products.

What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

Am very persistent person, I don’t let challenges challenge me and to be specific for Fighting malaria, it’s a purpose since I was a child so every time I get information on malaria cases in hospitals I work with, it makes me feel more responsible to fight the disease.

What motivates you every day to be even more successful?

My hunger to see change, to see how a world without malaria would look like.

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 What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you?

The people who have doubted me, have made me who I am today, what I do is I overcome challenges and every time I do that, it’s a success. I do not blame them because we are different people and we do things differently and if anyone want to make it in life they have to believe in themselves because no one believes a person without hope.

What advice do you give to aspiring creative is who look up to you?

My advice to anyone who look up to me is, if you are passionate about something and you feel like using your passion to achieve something or as your carrier, go for it, because something you’re really passionate about will never make you tired, it’s something you will do anything for instead of giving up. “Don’t let money be your drive” And if you want to start, start now, if you need someone to believe in you and support you, your right there to do that for yourself then us we will follow, that’s what we human beings do.


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