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Are you ready to tune into the traditional  indigenous sounds of the Calabash instrument?

Hilary More’s live performances, infused with passion ,blends into unique  sounds of the beating drums .
Born in  Tanzania, East Africa ,in Temeke, Dar-es-Salaam as the 6th child in a family of eight ,Hilary was raised by single mum and grandmother .

His talent was seeded in childhood activity would be drumming empty buckets and gallons and singing to peers at school and family at home

By the year  2007,  there was a universe calling  and Hilary found a job as a painter at Dodoma University and relocated. It was there that he was discovered by Bushoke, a popular musician in Tanzania when he was serving the T.O.T band as solo and Tumba player…. which was his part-time job.

Bushoke then  invited him to his band which and they performed in various hotels in Tanzania  In 2008, Hilary joined the Fimbo band as solo  and took second place in Tamasha la kale contest. It was during this competition, when Cocodo band saw Hilary and approached him to join them,

Currently, Hilary his own band which is known as Hilary More band which performs in different festivals and hotels in Dar-es-salaam.

Meet #CreatePrenuerAfrica Hilary More, Tune into Tanzania’s soul calabash sounds

Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life?

Personally I am driven by the atmosphere in my heart to love to share my thoughts with the world through my voice by mixing it with musical instruments. My passion is to see my music reach more people in the world. wide.

How did you find your passion and how old were you?

My passion I have discovered since I was in primary school I found myself like to sing and dance so I was playing drums and cans while singing to my classmates.

When was the first time you were paid for your passion?

For the first time I remember being paid was in 2005 with a bushoke band as a singer and cashier.

What drove you to make money from your passions?

 My passion for music has given me money from the perfomences that I have made though not a lot of money but they help to meet my small needs

 What kept you going when you thought about giving up?  What motivates you every day to be even more successful?

There are times when it really comes and I despair but the only thing that makes me move forward is my family coz I want to do something that will make them proud and I also music is something that gives my life meaning.

What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you?

I just want to tell you that everything is possible with a strong intention but also not to judge too much by looking at the outward appearance of a person or thing.

 What advice do you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you?

Creatives who look at me I would like to advise them to value their ideas and not let other people tell them that it is impossible to do what they think.



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