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#SHUJAA _#WARRIOR  #Kiroho Mtoto : Mtoto wa kiroho kurudisha ulimwengu wetu  #WARRIOR  *spirit child taking back our earth_
The concept needs no global applause for it’s creation for any individual. It is a  universal calling _The creators are merely messengers.
It has been seeded, will be rooted and branched for the final soul harvest. The journey will manifest….  as it is surely a key to  “heaven on earth

Join the #LANGUAGEREVOLUTION_#SHUJAA #WARRIOR_ #KIROHO MTOTO coming soon. Spirit child taking back our world!

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Our movie is a coming of age. The #LANGUAGEREVOLUTION ! # SHUJAA.#WARRIOR KIROHO MTOTO- taking back our earth!
A feature film of the millennium, as a spirit child is taking back our earth. A deep and satirical narrative questions the impact of language on world dominance.
Africa’s unification language Kiswahili enlightens awakened pathways of questioning. Support us as we delve into the satirical storyline of forced identities and roots that will be an indefinite new era

“Úshujaa” : Mtoto wa kiroho kurudisha ulimwengu wetu
*spirit child taking back our earth
  • Kihaka Gnd #WARRIOR
  • Gontse Manyelo #LIVECAPTURE_#camerallightsaction
  • Makhomotho Ngwasheng#FINALTOUCH..master of post-production…….
  • .Joseph Sarimbo…#MWALIMUKISWAHILI . Kiswahili expertise..
    musically flowing with PAN AFRICAN  MAKUKU LEGENDARY ENTERTAINMENT compositions .and more..tune in.


Testimonial from #SHUJAA Messenger
High and low tides….life has been on low tides…cash flow not flowing can leave you numb,  you pass out most of the day. Today passing time waiting for answers, I went outside, listening to president Magufuli,, workers day speech…And I imagined, daydreams, dozed off n dreamed in scenes, myself @kihakasupertanzaniastar @Mwalimu Kiswahili we’re meeting with Magufuli. Magufuli was chuckling n amused at my theme cos he figured I was not quite eloquent with Swahili. And I had to state a case of the concept. Justified myself as a third eye.
Then I said we just need support to.make the movie, the profits can go to Tanzania development budget and a portion to SA Kiswahili launch since these are in our storylines.yes….my.dream …We met Magufuli

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