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Ukachukwu Okechukwu has a passion for fashion. His ultimate desire is in creating designs for the ultimate image.


New styles erupt on the Nigerian fashion market each year. The trends are never disappointing whether you are a fashion geek or looking for inspiration.

Africans are identifiable in native wear. Today there are changing trends in society yet  Ukachukwu boasts proudly preserving culture in unique print styles.

Hi[amazon_link asins=’1857336291,1515742164′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’exploremoth07-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b8faf47c-1cb6-11e8-93b0-47ff2e205bd2′]s style kingdom is set up to showcase Africa’s style on an international level, he has established Dee Ok’s wear. Follow the latest fashion trends and combining them native motives is Dee Dee Ok’s wear fashion flair.

Young people in Nigeria need to rise again. Fashion is a tool of social change, it defines who we are and who we can be!

Welcome to Ukachukwu gallery of designs


Meet #CreatePreneurAfrica Ukachukwu Okechukwu

Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life?

I have a zeal for fashion and designing of clothes and to engage in the wise and prudent work of sewing of clothes with different styles, which has a universal relevance in our world today.

How did you find your passion and how old were you?

I got the passion when I was watching various programs that have to do with cultural wears and modern, and it has been the childhood desire when I was at the age of 10years


[amazon_link asins=’0822341085,0761417036′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’exploremoth07-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d68d9b10-1cb6-11e8-abe8-c5229e81ca55′]


What about your passion appeals to you the most? 

My ongoing desire to improve and create the new. I  need benefactresses to enable me to shoot up to standard in my company as a fashion designer.

What drove you to make money from your passions?

The zeal, hard work, and experience. There is a market.People live for personal style and design

When was the first time you were paid for your passion?

From the beginning,  I guess. There were always special requests in cash and in-kind too

 What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

What kept me going was personal determination Quite and unquote  “It was because of the zeal do fashions and designer still burning in me “

 What motivates you every day to be even more successful?

I am a creator. I love new creations. I love image enhancement

What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you?

Don’t communize anyone you come across in life because every individual has something unique about him or her .thus no one knows tomorrow

 What advice do you give to aspiring creative is who look up to you?

*When you are determined to do something extraordinary and don’t allow people to kill your dreams


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