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Take the virtual footsteps and experience preliminary insight and a prescreening to begin exploring the vast motherland, Africa.

The Venture to Explore Africa Begins  Right Here!

We can offer you a real-life experience of what you can expect on your anticipated dream journey to Africa.

We begin our journey to explore motherland Africa on a virtual escapade taking our guests into a vision of the realm they are bound to experience when they begin to explore Africa.

Sight, Insights, Reviews, delving into marvelous insight to quench the quest of all travelers that desire to venture on the journey or are bound to the destination of exploration. Join us

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Get ready for the journey to Africa!

Choose your map and get set to endeavor into an unforgettable lifetime experience…


The time has arrived to applaud Africa. To absorb its beauty, delve into the mysticism of soul pleasures. A truly unforgettable soul journey as soon as you land on the precious ground.

Where are we going? Where do we begin? Every part is an unforgettable experience, the decision is a matter of choice.


Let us begin the Journey…….


We begin in the SADC region with ‘Freeway Tours’!

Travelling is not just for the upper and middle class but there are ways and means to make it possible for all. We aim to strengthen social ties beyond cultural and social divides: create unity while acknowledging and reflecting diversity: play a meaningful role in nation building and depict elements and issues affecting all.

In memory of W.G. Robertson, and a special thank you to Julie Hall and Thandi Brewer from the 'Freeway Tours' dream destination team in the SADC region.

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