#CreatePreneurAfrica – Brazzaville’s Stani Goma on flight 1067 to AFRICA!

Producer and presenter STANI GOMA gets on board Flight 1067 to Africa, (a radio show featuring news and music from Africa) and takes all tuned in to PBS-FM each Sunday afternoon on a soul journey, exploring the heart throbbing sounds of the rich and diverse motherland,the continent of Africa.

He was born in Congo, and grew up in a world of African rhythm, Brazzaville, across the Kinshasa river, the dance music capital!
The multilingual Stani speaks,French, English, Chinese (mandarin), English, and off course, music fluently and welcomes all enquiries at any time!

Arriving in Australia in 1990,  the knowledgeable and experienced radio presenter,  with an instilled passion for the rhythm of Africa, shared his vision on various community radio pathways.

He has had countless interviews with Africa greats including High Masekela, Angelique Kidjo, Youssou N’dour, Baaba Maal and  Papa Wemba and was the MC for a Miriam Makeba concert in 2006 held at the Sidney Myer.

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The founding director of  Melbourne African Traditional Ensemble-(MATE).  His other activities include education, research, and  clinical pharmacy as well.

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Meet CreatepreneurAfrica STANI GOMA – representing soul sounds from Africa, the motherland






Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life?

As a Radio presenter, I’m deeply passionate about promoting the music of Africa.

How did you find your passion and how old were you?

I have always loved music. I grew up at a time when radio was the main way we received information and connected with the world. So, I was very captivated by the magic of airwaves from a very young age.

What about your passion appeals to you the most?

I like the fact that I get to meet and converse with a lot of great artists including some of my heroes.

What drove you to make money from your passion?

It’s not about money at all. I have nothing against money, but my radio work is very much a labour of love.

When was the first time you were paid for your passion?

I honestly can’t remember the first time that I got paid but money has never been the motivation.

What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

A strong belief that we must own and tell our own story because if we don’t, others will and it’s not that same. For example, if we don’t like the way Africa is portrayed in Western media, we need to be out there telling our own story even if we must do it without getting paid.

What motivates you every day to be even more successful?

I love music and enjoy presenting it. I also see it a mission and responsibility to learn and communicate our own story.


What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you?

Thank you for making me try even harder.

What advice do you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you?

I don’t believe in giving “advice” particularly when it’s unsolicited. I tend to prefer an exchange of ideas. We can all learn from one another.


#CreatePreneur Africa – Lake Likoma Island’s David Marama – African ambassador, Malawi’s pride

Currently based in Australia, David Marama, African ambassador, Malawi's pride and humble intellectual's life journey ventured from Tanzania to Moscow in Russia. A lawyer by profession, the guitarist and vocalist has a soul passion for people imbued in traveling,cooking and global music....with a a Masters in Law with a majoring in International Law ,he speaks five languages Chewa, Swahili, English, Russian fluently and some snippets of Portuguese too....he is walking tall on the platforms of international music soul melodies!
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His soul journey was triggered off at an early age when his father, Malawi’s first national registrar, went into exile into neighboring Tanzania when the family was given an ultimatum of 24 hours by the Banda regime to depart Malawi for political reasons.
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One of the pioneers of Sound of HopeTanzania’s first music band he engaged in ‘Watafiti’, a research project to promote and develop contemporary and traditional music styles in Tanzania.
‘ Sound of Hope’ was the first Tanzanian Band to play at  the prestigious Kilimanjaro Hotel.
‘Watafiti’s’  debut album “UMOJA” was recorded in Harare at Frontline Studios. ‘Watafiti’ became the Tatunane Band and won a Radio France Award in 1991.This was a first-time achievement for a non-French speaking country band.
 In Australia, David has played with Musiki Manjaro, Clan Swahili, Royal Swazi Spa, Milton, Kunjani, Public Opinion Afro Orchestra and Seben Brothers.
David Marama plays jazz, reggae, pop, reggae along with soukous genres.  He currently has five albums circulating and there will definitely be future creations of marvel while we savor the present.
 His new solo Cd called “Another Day” is in circulation with an Ep45 and merchandise on his band-camp online.
He has  featured in major Australian festivals including:
  • St Kilda
  • Blues Festival,
  • Big Day Out,
  • Falls,
  • Moomba,
  • Wangaratta Festival of Jazz
  • Woodford
  • WomadAdelaide
  • Berks, Perth
  • Gumboot Festival

Residence: New Caledonia, Noumea with Milton Band.



1.Watafiti Tanga: 

1987 http://wenyewe.com/watafiti/More_Watafiti/More_Watafiti.htm

2, Watafiti Umoja : 

Frontline Studios, Harare 1984

1990 http://wenyewe.com/watafiti/More_Watafiti/More_Watafiti.htm

3. Muziki Manjaro: Melbourne, Kangarumba 2006


4. Musiki Manjaro: Melbourne, Habari Za Africa and other 1989-2006

5. Royal Swazi Spa:Melbourne 2015:African Puzzle



6. The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra: Melbourne Various 2009-2018




7. David Marama : 2018, Melbourne “Another Day” cd and Ep45

https://davidmarama.bandcamp.com/album/another-day with various studio videos of making of “Another Day”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgReeVvG0aodavid marama

8. David Marama with Milton Band: Melbourne 2013

Township Jive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u9jIQG4kps

Faith: Melbourne 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYdUieavNsU&t=48s

9. David Marama, Valanga Khoza, Jimmy Mulovedzhi: Melbourne:

Gavaza :


2018:David Marama Bandcamp:https://davidmarama.bandcamp.com/album/another-day



How would you feel?

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David ’s latest album Another Day tunes into his love for his motherland, Malawi. In Likoma Jive, he treasures his roots and culture on  Likoma Island. Transcending continents, it celebrates cultural diversity and languages.

Meet CreatePreneur Africa  A musical legend  from Malawi – David Marama

All people are born free and exercise a right under natural law to be who they want to be in life so long as they pose no danger to fellow beings                                                                         _David Marama

Tell us what drives you?

I have been raised by strong willed people and I take courage and direction from the examples they passed on throughout my journey in life. My Grandmother Alela (means Mother of Mothers) was a matriarch of the family whilst I was growing on Likoma Island in the middle of Lake Malawi.

She was confident, resourceful, powerful and a leader in all aspects of traditional life on the island. I recall men would be scared when summoned to appear before her and she taught us never to be scared of saying the truth at all time.

What is your true passion in life?

Social justice, diversity and community engagement is a corner principle in my daily engagement and principle. I have respect for gender, age, race, social status and believe that we learn from each other the virtues of life irrespective of one’s academic or social credentials in life.

How did you find your passion and how old were you?

My father was the first Malawian Registrar of Cooperative Unions in   Malawi. In 1965, 1 year after independence Dr Banda, then President gave him (persona non grata) 24hrs to leave his country of birth into forced exile for no other reason than his political grip on the country. I was 6 years and that day started a journey of struggles ahead. 

What passion appeals to you the most? 

That all people are born free and exercise a right under natural law to be who they want to be in life so long as they pose no danger to fellow beings.

That the basics of life i.e. shelter, water and land should be provided in order to live and full- fill the obligations enshrined by the law of the land.

What drove you to make money from your passions?

Perhaps, I would not frame this question like this but believe that everyone has a right to work and earn a decent reward out of their hard work free of exploitation of other.

I earn to live and other proceeds I make goes to cater for the less unfortunate in society.

When was the first time you were paid for your passion?

Again, work and passion are a distinct difference here; if you mean my music and photography passions, then quite early on in life. Music started when I was in primary School in Malawi, Tanzania, Russia and now Australia.

What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

I take everything in life seriously as from an early age. My driving principle is to work hard always within given circumstances and turn those to maximum advantage. That has been my driving principle both with studies, work and hobbies.

What motivates you every day to be even more successful?

I have resided outside my birth country since an early age to realize that hard work puts bread on the table. Competition is a pre-requisite to ambition and success, I realize. Once I decided to have a family that became more evident that my life was surrounded by others who looked at me as a “joint provider” to future.

I continue to compose, perform and record music in Melbourne and I sing, play guitar and traditional instruments. I have participated in over 15 CD productions and played or collaborated with African luminaries such as Hugh Masekela, Manu Dibango, Oliver Mtukudzi, Bunny Rashabane, the Late Big Tembo, Khaya Mahlangu and others…..

What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you?

To be successful in life be surrounded by positive people who motivate you to achieve better things in life. I have always chosen my friends carefully and that has given me the impetus to achieve better results in whatever I do. I have self-confidence and do not doubt myself at all.

What advice do you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you?

Be yourself have heroes you aspire to in order to achieve your ambition. Do not pretend to be other because you are not. We are born with different capabilities in life but our paths are interconnected. Learn, teach and achieve in order to make a name for yourself, your community, country and our world.

Coming soon:


#CreatePreneurAfrica Mthunzi Mvubu, South Africa’s Self Taught Saxophonist

South African saxophonist and flute player Mthunzi Mvubu tuned into musical career under the mentorship of the late Dr.Johnny Mekoa at the tender age of 14 at the Music Academy of Gauteng (MAG). He toured with the  MAG Jazz orchestra worldwide in Sweden,England,Russia,Germany,the USA and many more. He will soon launch his debut album he is currently working on.

Undoubtedly the most recorded saxophonist he has appeared in over 11 albums

Mthunzi Mvubu

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Mthunzi was part of the horn section backing legendary groups like the O’ Jays when they toured South Africa at the Standard bank joy of jazz festival. He was also part of the horn section accompanying legends like the Temptations and Clarence Carter


He has shared international performance stages with the finest musicians including the likes of  Abdullah Ibrahim, Themba Mkhize, (the late) Victor Ntoni, Omar Sosa, Nduduzo Makhathini ,Feya Faku, Tsepo Tshola, Jason Yarde,Musa Manzini , Jimmy Dludlu , Jonas Gwangwa and Herbie Tsoaeli to name a few.

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Recently he was part of musicians accompanying Steve Turre at the Tshwane  International Big Band Festival amongst others. Mvubu has also been touring Europe and USA with Shabaka and The Ancestors.

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Meet #CreatePreneurAfrica – South Africa’s soul saxophonist Mthunzi Mvubu

 Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life?

The gift of life and the awareness that one can be a better human being in this ever so changing the world where love takes a back seat. My true passion is music, I live for it and it gives me life.

How did you find your passion and how old were you?

I would like to think that it found me, I was 13yrs old when my mother bought a keyboard for my late elder brother but he wasn’t really interested in learning it.

So I became attracted to this thing and the sounds that came out of it.My mother saw this and she took me to the Music Academy of Gauteng wich was led by the late great Dr. Johnny Mekoa

What about your passion appeals to you the most?

The healing side of it and the endless possibilities and frequencies you can reach through constant exercise, the dedication of being in the moment.

 What drove you to make money from your passions?

Well in every chosen path one chooses to take, there is an industry for it one way or another. Money found me along the way.

 When was the first time you were paid for your passion?

The first time I was paid was in high school when I started playing gigs with the school big band, but when I REALLY got paid well, was still in high school and I got to perform with Tsepo”The Village Pope” Tshola in a theater production that went on for 3weeks.

 What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

I had to dig inside every time and believe that things would work out if I worked hard and seeing other older people who I had the chance to work with at a young age “making it”, I was revived.

What motivates you every day to be even more successful?

Well again its all the endless possibilities that this music has, the joy it brings and of course, my family.

 What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you?

I have nothing to say to them. It would be a total waste of energy.

 What advice do you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you?

I say keep working hard and never stop learning to advance what you want to say with your craft.


#CreatePreneurAfrica, Zambia’s Yvonne Mwale – Soul Healing Tunes of Wisdom

At the young and tender age of twelve, parentless and destitute, Yvonne Mwale ended up wandering the streets of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.....

And then the world opened as the soulful tunes of her mesmerizing rhythmic voice seeded a universe of new beginnings. Her destined pathway led her to being honored as the "The Best Upcoming Female Artist" in the National Music Awards and the journey continues, stepping into the future...

By 2010 she toured eight countries in Europe with rousing performances in a vast array of key music festivals.

  • Jazz & The City in Salzburg,
  • Musig am Zürisee (CH)
  • the Munich Tollwood Festival
  • KASUMAMA Festival in Austria.

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The voice of Africa, the motherland, she toured Africa and performed at various major festivals in Rwanda and DRC was awarded in Zanzibar at the Jahazi Jazz festival.

Yvonne Mwale is committed to being a tool of upliftment and is involved in an array of charity works such as  an ambassador for  Stop the Cut”, ( a campaign against female genital mutilation, an Austrian Amref Flying Doctors initiative)

She aims to spread the sounds of positivity…. the sounds of uprising.  She shares her past experiences in her initial albums and her new albums are about savoring childhood experiences that built her dynamic vision to excel

“Spiritual Heart” is about  the seeds of wisdom and soul  life experiences and aged wisdom the younger generation can harvest from older people

“Kuwingamo” encourages the audience to live together peacefully and overcome life conflicts

Msimibi Wakuda”  enriches the sounds of traditional Zambian music in a blend of contemporary sound

Meet #CreatePreneurAfrica  Yvonne Mwale…” Tune into Soul Sounds of Positivity….


Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life?

Music! What else? Music is what keeps me alive and it’s my profession. So I can say it’s even more than just a passion.

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How did you find your passion and how old were you?

I actually started singing when I was approximately five years old. First for my family, a bit later also in the church. I guess I somehow inherited it since my mum was a singer and dancer in a popular Zambian band.

Later, when I was 12 years old, I lost both my parents. After some years on the street, becoming the singer of a well-booked band maybe literally saved my life.

What about your passion appeals to you the most?

To write songs and perform them for people is something very special. When writing songs, it’s something very intimate. I tell about things I experienced in life either myself or observed in my surrounding.

When performing them in front of an audience it’s very special to feel how my music is touching people. Making them either cry or dance.

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What drove you to make money from your passions?

I just thought I’ve found my profession. As a child, I was singing because I wanted to. Later, I was singing to survive. Right now I see it as a blessing to get paid for what I love.

When was the first time you were paid for your passion?

When my dad was giving me some pocket money for performing in front of my parents.

What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

My children, my husband and my faith in God.

What motivates you every day to be even more successful?

I think success is coming mostly by making the right decisions. I’m happy to work with a team of companies and people that know this business and help me to make the right decisions in business.

Of course, seeing my business growing and becoming more successful gives me the motivation to keep developing myself and my music.

What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you?

I believe we all are responsible for the results of our own actions. Where I’m standing now is the result of the path I took in life. Some might not have believed in me.

I don’t want to blame them. I used to work with musicians who were trying to use me or didn’t believe in me, so I was forced to leave them behind. Now, if I look back, I’m in the position to ask myself if they made the right decisions in life.

What advice do you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you?

Never give up. Keep developing yourself and your music. If you have the feeling you’re stuck, check what makes you get stuck. Get rid of what makes you stuck and move on! Don’t try to get famous overnight. Those who do also disappear overnight.


#CreatePreneurAfrica, Tanzania Rhythm with Saxophonist Zephania Malembela

In his early childhood, he actively engaged in a school band playing Ndulilu, (a local flute). In later teen years he initiated playing the keyboard and joined in the church choir.

He tuned his destiny into a melodious pathway when he laid his hands on a harmonious discovery.....an abandoned saxophone that collected dust in a church.........

Welcome to the world of Zaphania Melembela, a saxophonist from the shores of East Africa, Tanzania.
Rooted in a musical family of love from the Sukuma ethnic group , where traditional music is a key component of every social activity, Zephaniah completed high school and relocated to Dar-es-Salaam to pursue a new chapter of higher education.
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Education curriculums did not usually include any formal music lessons. In 2009 he enrolled at the Dar-Es-Salaam Institute of Technology and successfully completed his studies in Science and laboratory Technology in 2013.
The Institute of Technology was not a waste of time, it was strategic articulation to secure a day job and finance formal music lessons from beginner to advanced levels. The studies in technology became a great back up.
 |||A career in music was something that no parent in Tanzania would wish his/her child to pursue at the time|||
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He never swayed from his passion for music, even though he had no formal music training.
The year 2012 marked an eventful turnaround year for Zephania. He met a friend from Nigeria who had a book on saxophones….and then there was a church with a forgotten saxophone that nobody bothered to learn playing.
A year of self-teaching continued with little progress. Then in October 2013, he met Frank Masamba , the famous composer and saxophonist since the 1980”s
Frank just returned from Mombasa(Kenya, where he worked as a hotel entertainer.
Zephania gained key insight into saxophone techniques and learned the foundation of African music.
This continued till 2014. He continued as a church musician and started exploring beyond church walls, engaging in music with other bands that were not in religious contexts. He also performed as a solo saxophonist at social functions.
In 2015 his formal music training continued when he engaged in music lessons with Innocent Mkuyuli, a pianist and music educator at the International School of Tanganyika.
His journey continued in music theory and practical musicianship on the tenor saxophone as a principal instrument, he continues with advancing to this present day.
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Zephania has worked with bands like the Swahili Blues Band and performed at the Sauti Busara music festival in Zanzibar. He toured internationally with the band and performed with the King of Ethiojazz Mulatu Astatke at the African Jazz Village in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2015.
He has also accompanied a Jazz Music legend Tu Nokwe from South Africa during the Bagamoyo International Festival of Arts and Culture in 2015.
The music industry in Tanzania has evolved into much more opportunities for a committed musician to lead a successful career in music.

There is a calling for more instrumental and  music teachers are more performers.Technology  paves a way for artists to explore global markets in the music industry. Things have changed for the better.

Saxophonist Zephania Malembela
He has been featured in many albums by other artists both on religious and non-religious music arenas in Tanzania and outside Tanzania. He has been acclaimed by listeners and fans to have a rich tone with a special articulation on his instrument.
Currently, he is a member of the Pentanote Trio working with a renowned jazz pianist Barikeyz Mmbaga and his young brother John Mmbaga, a drummer.
He is working on his first solo instrumental album which focuses on a fusion of native music with western and jazz tastes. The album will be released soon.
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 Meet #CreatepreneurAfrica , Zephania Melembela

Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life? 
What drives me is love. I am a product of love, love from the creator, love from my parents and from the society around me. All the love I received and continue to receive has taught me to value an adventure of becoming a good person and to love every human being by giving my best out of talents and potentials which are invested inside me, music being a major part of me.
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How did you find your passion and how old were you? 
The passion has always been with me from the beginning. I come from a musical family, a family that for many generations has taken a leading role of music in its society. My mother, being the nearest of all other family members became my inspiration as she would sing, compose and teach song to a local church choir and she even played guitars very well.
At an age of 13 years I joined the choir she was leading and I started learning to play the keyboard and she was my first music teacher even though she had no formal music classes. She knew how chords were supposed to sound though she didn’t know how to play the keyboard.
We would search and combine the sounds of the keyboard to match the guitar chords that she made on the guitar. That is how it started and the rest is history.
What about your passion appeals to you the most? 
To be relevant to my world by doing the things that complement my talents and potential endowed inside me. Music being among them. To make life a meaningful adventure for me, my family and every other people I can get into contact whether physically or through other media like this.
 What drove you to make money from your passion?
I believe that someone doing his/her passion and being rewarded financially, for it is a sure way of growing the passion to its ultimate potential. This is what drives me to make money from my passion. My passion has to sustain me and to make my family’s life progressive in all spheres that need progress. This is how commitment to passion intensifies. It doesn’t make sense doing your passion with all efforts and then expect to sustain your own life with something else. This will only kill talents and potential and the passion itself altogether.
When was the first time you were paid for your passion?
It was when I was 22 years old. I had my first payment as a church musician for a church which was just being inaugurated. Later I have been able to extend my horizon beyond the four walls of the church to non-religious arenas musically.
As I said, money is just a reward. I am committed to my passion beyond monetary expectations. Making money is not a goal but money reward facilitates me to achieve the goals.
What kept you going when you thought about giving up? 
No! Giving up? How can someone give up on being themselves? If someone gives up on becoming themselves then who do they want to become as a result? My passion (Music) is who I am, I have never tried to think of giving up because it is like betraying myself and trying to become someone else.
Yes, there have been challenges in the journey and they are still coming even now but I try as much to solve them. It is in solving these challenge progress realizes. I solve my challenges and try to seek other people’s help when things get beyond my capacity. I enjoy working in teams that way.
What motivates you every day to be even more successful? 
To live an authentic life, to be who I am and to unleash my full potentials as a human being. Success is a process and not a destination. When I wind up my day being better than the previous day musically then I am successful and this continues that way to me, trying to improve myself more every day.
What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you? 
Doubt is a source of wisdom. For me, being doubted brought positive results. It created to me an avenue to question my inner man and to make a decision based on who I really am and what I am supposed to do with the gift of life I have been blessed with. Though their doubts I was able to find myself.
I will always listen to their doubts about me and I will then keep perfecting myself in order to become my best.
What advice do you give to aspiring creative is who look up to you? 
My advice to them is; Look for that reason, that special purpose, that mission you were created for and then build a beautiful life for yourself and those you love around that reason.
Listen to your inner man and be true to yourself. This will lead you to living your authentic life. It is the best reward that you can do to yourself. Be determined, be dedicated, be disciplined and be willing to sacrifice for that reason. All the rest will fall in their positions. You deserve to be happy, this is the cost of becoming one.