Safari in Namibia – Quiver Trees, lions, zebras, giraffes and more….

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Get ready for Africa. Namibia is rich in animal species, like no other in the world.  And then you welcome natural friendly people, streams of thorn bush Savannah, Makalani palms, Mopane bushland, baobabs,giraffes, lions, zebras.

Welcome to the vast game reserves in Namibia, the biggest,  Etosha National Park 

National Parks and Game Reserves

Namibia has protection in line with the Etosha National Park and other nature and game reserves galore. Etosha National Park, the third largest and one of the finest parks in Africa. The Etosha pan is a saline lake that is dried out adding to the uniqueness of the landscape, a vast shallow depression with water holes in the south that guarantee a game viewing that is rewarding.

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