Learn Kiswahili #THELANGUAGEREVOLUTION with Joseph Sarimbo -Kiswahili Numbers Lesson 2a

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Greetings my fellow Kiswahili Learners. Welcome to the KISWAHILI #LANGUAGEREVOLUTION

Let us pass through  greetings in lesson one and noun classes in lesson two.

Learn Kiswahili #THELANGUAGEREVOLUTION… at your doorstep with Joseph Sarimbo…! Lesson One

Learn Kiswahili #THE LANGUAGE REVOLUTION with Joseph Sarimbo – Kiswahili Noun Class Lesson Two

And talking about numbers, lets get down to the counting and countables!

When you count numbers from one to one thousands after ten you will start to add Units.

Kumi na moja eleven ( ten and one)
Kumi na mbili
Ishirini na moja
Ishirini na mbili
Thelathini na moja
Thelathini na sita
0 Sifuri
1 moja
2 mbili
3 tatu
4 nne
5 tano
6 sita
7 saba
8 nane
9 tisa
10 kumi
11 kumi na moja
20 ishirini
25 ishirini na tano
29 ishirini na tisa
30 thetathini
31 thelathini na moja
40 arobaini
50 hamsini
60 sitini
70 sabini
80 themanini
90 tisini
100 mia moja
200 mia mbili
300 mia tatu
400 mia nne
500 mia tano
600 mia sita
700 mia saba
800 mia nane
900 mia tisa
1000 elfu moja

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