South Africa’s Cultural Soul – The roots of Township Tours

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South Africa – few can rival South African soul in the townships. Today we explore Kwa-Zulu Natal.  Walking the paths of some of the greatest leaders.

It’s another world and another time. This is part of the old Africa, where the amaZulu ruled unchallenged, a place of beaded headdresses and rawhide shields, beehive huts, and a lifestyle that properly belongs to the great age of Shaka.

Gain an insight into the amaZulus’ traditional way of life their beliefs, crafts, songs and dances at Shakaland, the open-air museum near Eshowe.

This is the oldest town in Zululand. Shakaland is also the oldest Zulu Cultural Village in Zululand, originally built as a scenery for the movie “Shaka Zulu”.

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Sandile Ngidi

Sandile Ngidi is a South African poet, art critic, playwright, freelance researcher, and writer. He loves is the wilderness, the arts, and the world politics. He is the translator from Zulu to English of the classic Southern African novel Inkinsela yaseMgungundlovu/The Rich Man of Pietermaritzburg by Sbusiso Nyembezi. Sandile is fascinating by the sea, marine life, as well as the science and mythologies this world, arises in the human mind.

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