#CreatePreneurAfrica, South Africa’s Zola Gule “social entrepreneur with an insatiable thirst for knowledge” coaching philosophy

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Coming from a background with a lack of resources and withstanding a childhood journey with neverending societal obstacles in apartheid South Africa, Zola Gule , the founder of "Nostalgic Life", strives towards the key to change: "Self-management to excellence". 

Her gentle and effective balanced coaching philosophy creates an aura of safety,creating self-reflective constructive and mindful decisions towards self-development .

Rising about life challenges, she transitioned to emancipating herself from the blockages that surrounded her. Working together with young girls, she aims to keep them aspiring to greater heights and grow with learning seeds of insatiable appetite.

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#Meet CreatepreneurAfrica – Zola Gule’s flight on  the wings of Hope And Courage

Zola Gule – Nostalgic life
What drives you? What’s your true passion in life?

Social justice, Health/wellness and continuous learning

How did you find your passion, how old were you?

My passion has been with me since childhood. When I played, I was always a teacher or sewing clothes for my dolls or reading. When I look back; my roleplays as a child are what I live today in my business. I did go the long route around before I could manifest the link into my adult creative life, I rediscovered the link at 27.

The lesson here is that we inherently know as children who we are meant to be but we internalise so many external messages and these move us further and further away from our passion our inherent wisdom.

What about your passion appeals to you the most?

 I am where I am because there are people who contributed to my growth and development. The best thing about my passion is that I get to pay those contributions forward, while I live my values of social justice and continuous learning. I get to make a small impact in people’s lives while I learn from them because I understand that every person, I interact with is a teacher. I just happen to have the tools to unpack the lessons for myself because of my chosen trade.


What drove you to make money from your passion?

 I learnt from one of my many mentors a while back, she used a car analogy for this and said; “Can a car move without petrol? So why on earth would you give your services for free?”  You need petrol for you to keep doing what you do and to scale. Then there is the second lesson; as a coach one of the things you are taught is that you cannot give your services for free, being able to charge/not charge is closely linked to your internal beliefs around money and the value of your offering.

 When was the first time you were paid for your services?

My first ‘job’; I was a receptionist at 19 so that would be when I was first paid for my services but being paid for my passion took a whole 3 years of learning and unlearning to ask for payment for what I do and this was when I turned 30. There is a vast difference between being an employee to when you work for yourself through your passion.

What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

 I used my values of freedom, continuous learning and social justice as a filter. Even when I was not making money, I loved being able to determine for myself what I should be doing with my time. That freedom brings a huge responsibility with it and requires creativity, agility, resourcefulness and resilience. I package all these into the expression of my offering, bringing all my experiences in life to create products that are authentic to me while in service of others. This way I know that I am aligned to my purpose.

What do you have to say to all the people who doubted you?

Through gratitude – Thank you for my fuel.

What advice would you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you?

 Be authentically you, no one can do you better than you. People can copy the idea but not the essence of who you are. Your whole existence is a gift, there is a reason you were born in the area, timing, gender or lack there of and your experiences all make up a unique brand, package it and let that be your springboard for your authenticity, creativity and living out your purpose.


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