#CreatePreneurAfrica Liberia’s Humanist VERCHAMOH L KAMARA_ giving voice to the youth

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Verchamoh L Kamara, a Liberian writer, is known for his dynamic words of
eloquent expressions.. He speaks out his drive to uplift and motivate youth to never give up aspiring dreams on the pathway to ultimate success. His passionate vocals combined with sharing insightful readings represent the seeds for young people to root out in and flow in abundance streams that reach desired life pathways.


After graduating from the Muslim Congress High School, he served multiple roles
as Assistant Secretary of its Alumni Association and also has a functional role at
Build Tomorrow Inc. as a Strategic Director of Finance and Fundraising..

I believe in a world where everybody can live freely and achieve greatness without any obstacles or hindrances.                Verchamoh L Kamara

His passion and love for humanity have routed him to be a key contributing member of multiple youth organizations on his mission to strive for a better future for all.

He is also a Co-founder and Director of Technical Service and Designs at KEY
(Knowledge Empowers You) – a platform that gives young people the opportunity
to have their voices heard in contributing solutions to real world problems.

We owe to future generation to leave behind a world that is far better than the one we inherited”       Verchamoh L Kamara

1. Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life?

I am driven by other’s weaknesses. I dream of a world where everybody can achieve greatness without any obstacles or hindrances. Whenever I see people with passion to do something good but lack a certain
encouragement or support in any way, I always want to help out. I believe in freedom and creating a kinder society.

My true passion is to become a wealthy businessman, one that uses his wealth, influence and resources to effect change in the lives of others, especially the youth. I believe we owe to future generation to leave behind a world that is far better than the one we inherited.

2. How did you find your passion and how old were you?

I found my passion when life put me in a situation that I had to see the reality of life at a young age. It started when I was thrown out of school for tuition during exam week.

The feeling of being kicked out of school for tuition can be very taunting especially to kids with big dreams from poor backgrounds. Thank God I didn’t have to go through this situation for a long time as I was blessed with a scholarship to continue my education.

A few years later, I notice that there were many other kids in my community not in school due to lack of financial support. This was similar to my situation and I was confronted with a question asked by my very self, “What can I do to help?” Since I could not put them in school, I decided to establish an initiative by organizing study classes where out-of-school kids can get an education and learn some basic things. I enjoy being around kids and people and I found passion in helping out with things.

3. What about your passion appeals to you the most?

It is my determination that appeals to me the most. I become committed and determined when I am passionate about things.

4. What drove you to make money from your passions?

Like every other passionate person, you need funds to sustain your dreams. It is to sustain my dreams and keep my passion alive that I decided to make money from it.

5. When was the first time you were paid for your passion?

The first time I was paid for my passion was when my dad surprised me with some
dollars as appreciation for caring for others. He said it was a
pay/reward for my love for humanity.

6. What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

It was the voices and confidence from my parents that kept me pushing through. Though there were others to criticize, their support and belief kept me going.

7. What motivates you every day to be even more successful?

“We are not successful until we help others succeed!”

It is this quotation that made me understand that until all of humanity is successful; our mission is not yet completed.

8. What advice do you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you?

To other aspiring creatives who dare to dream me, I advise that you believe in your dreams no matter what others think of you. Be committed, determined, and focus and surely success is yours.

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