#CreatepreneurAfrica – Cape Town’s ‘global lens’ wonder Ayesha Kae-Kazim

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With a soul life purpose embracing diversity of people and places, eighteen year old Ayesha Kae-Kazim, educated in fourteen different countries all over the world,is ready to set 'global footprints'on the world stage in the narrative of captivating images.

An aspiring documentary photographer, Ayesha  Kae-Kazim is currently studying photography and imaging at New York University. Her creative vision was seeded in early life stages. Born into a prominent family of creatives, her magnetizing aspirations set off into the world era of imagery and its significant role in today’s modern world.

by : Ayesha Kae-Kazim

A modern age career in photography is backed by marvelous and creatives with amazing creations.  Ayesha’s global perspective inspires her vision to unite different communities through art. Her lens often draws her to striking colors and individuals lost in their element, performing the tasks they know by heart.

Gifted with a life purpose of meeting new people and learning about new cultures, she is drawn to experiences and lessons learned. Her ultimate passion is rooted in the visual medium of storytelling. A platform for juxtaposing communities and world exploring
By: Ayesha Kae-Kazim
“200 kilometers into the Arctic Circle, a place I would never thought I could have ended in…… Traveling to all these different countries my teachers and my classmates have been the one that I think I’ve learned the most from, about not only the country that we are in but also about myself and what I would like to give back from my journey”
 Ayesha Kae-Kazim



“You can be solid in your beliefs and your understandings of the world but you can also learn to cultivate them based on what you learn from others”
Ayesha Kae-Kazim
By: Ayesha Kae-Kazim

Meet #CreatePreneurAfrica Global Visionist Ayesha Kae-Kazim

 Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life?

I find myself continuously inspired by the stories of others. When I take photographs, my aim is to draw connections between the subject and the viewer.

  1.  How did you find your passion and how old were you?

When I was around 10 years old, a friend of my dad’s let me experiment with his digital camera.

This was the first time I had handled a DSLR and I was instantly drawn to the way I could capture my reality from different perspectives and in varying atmospheres.

I went from taking photos of flowers and landscapes that I found generically ‘pretty,’ to capture the candid moments between friends and family. I took comfort in the ability to record and replay memories and thus, photography became a way for me to create a visual journal of my life.

  1.  What about your passion appeals to you the most?

I have never been fond of writing and didn’t grow up keeping a journal or diary. When I discovered photography, it became a way for me to document the moments that were important to me, exactly as they happened from my point-of-view.

The thing that drew me most to photography was the way in which the medium allowed me to share my stories with others while remaining true to my reality.

  1.  What drove you to make money from your passions?

I have yet to make money from my passion! I’m currently in university studying Photography & Imaging and hope that this will take me on the right path to a fulfilling career both in financial and emotional capacities.

  1.  When was the first time you were paid for your passion?

N/A See Above.

  1.  What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

Before applying to university for photography, I constantly questioned whether studying a subject within the visual arts field would be the right decision for my future.

However, after talking to family friends who work in areas including film, music, and photography amongst other creative areas, I realized that no matter how much I tried to steer away from this path, would always be drawn to photography. Knowing that I am now receiving guidance from artistic mentors in university motivates me to cultivate my vision and work towards establishing myself as an artist.

  1.  What motivates you every day to be even more successful?

My peers within university consistently motivate me to work harder within the photographic field. Through class critiques and discussions, I learn about new ways of looking at the world especially within environments that I once considered overly familiar.

What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you?

I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who continue to motivate and support. For one thing, I feel that I have been my biggest critic and I have learned that sometimes you are the only one standing in your way. I may not always be self-assured, but I am learning to have more faith and confidence within my work.

  1.  What advice do you give to aspiring creative is who look up to you?

It sounds cliched but follow your dreams. As I mentioned before, no matter how much you try to deny it, I believe that you will always end up doing what you are innately drawn to.

Instead of diverging away in search of a ‘more stable’ career, I would encourage those who are passionate about the arts to dive straight in and give their 100% to establishing their career.

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