#CreatePreneurAfrica Zambia’s Chipo M Chama sharing “Soul Embracing” creative vision


Born and raised in Zambia, 26-year-old Chipo Chama, an economist by profession  and full time writer ,is an active participant in the world of poetry, novellas, short stories and articles. Chipo also embraces his creative circle passions in Fine Art, Graphic Design, and Computer Programming. 

A contributing writer for the University of Zambia Catholic Arise Magazine, initially serving as the Secretary-General, he later took on the role of Chairman of the ”Arise magazine” .

A member of ‘Write to the World” an international group of writers where he resides as a technical moderator.

His inspiring works were accolades by Story Mirror  as ‘Writer of the Week”


BEYOND One day

I will fade away like a shooting star. You know me now. But will turn into a memory.

From I know him to I knew him.

What will you say about me? What impact will I have left behind? That’s what scares me a lot about death.

Time seem to be running fast. Can I catch up on lost time? Is heaven a second chance? What lecture theater is hades? I fear what lies ahead.

If life is a lesson. God is the teacher. And I am a student. Is death then my graduation? I don’t know what I know. Yet with time all becomes clear. Living each day like the last. Making every morning count for tomorrow is covered in uncertainty.                                              @ChipoCM

LOVE She has such a slender and tender face Beauty was not site not to make one turn Captivated , have to begin my chase She is my right kind of girl worth the burn Picture us together, my Aphrodite First time sleepless nights keep me company Day and night that comes I need her plenty I gaze to the moon for her company On her table not worth of me to stand A farmer’s son and a master’s daughter The odds don’t favor my love for her hand She, star, beyond reach, need her like water Despite not been born with a silver spoon Fate is on my side to win her heart soon
Why I Love You Your smile delights the galaxies. The entire universe worships When you open those Angelic eyes. Need no proof, for the constellations In your eyes says it all. I love the sound of quiet rains on the windshield. For it echoes the rhythmic symphony Of your beautifully beating heart. You are nature itself. The green sprouts in every word you alter. Your voice soothes my soul Like David’s harb did to Soul. Indeed you are my missing rib. The perfect puzzle piece. Without you am just a circle with no circumference. A dark sky with no stars. A sweetless sugarcane. A diamond incapable of shining. With you am everything. For you are my moon in my dark days. A perfect warmth in the winter. You are are my winter soldier. @ChipoCM

Perfect Harmony Dilemma beckons. Should I walk with intuition or logic? The more I ponder more ,I get confused. What step should I take? My Logical mind says stop. My intuitive and optimisticvg heart Says take a step, have faith. Whom should I follow? The heart holds the secret to life, The mind creates the world. The heart is optimistic. The mind is logical. Whom should I follow then? Should I follow the beating heart? Or should I turn to facts from mind? Dilemma drowning me. I fear to follow the heart For it can pump for something that can never be. Neither can I follow the mind For it can make me miss an opportunity. As I ponder I realize, A problem I am. It’s neither the mind nor the heart That I end up falling, but me. The two work in perfect harmony. Opposite yet true to each other. The mind gives facts. The heart gives the courage to build on or change facts. That is the nature of life Mind will always be mind Heart will always be heart I need to learn to use them in perfect harmony. @ChipoCM

Contact/WhatsApp: +260979484262 Email: chipochama94@gmail.com Facebook: Chipo M Chama
Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life?

Well, I am not so different from any other person, what drives me is the pleasure that comes when I get something done. But on top of it is the process of it all, I am driven by the enjoyment of the process no matter the turns, in fact, the more it gets hard the more I am driven.
My true passion in life is to create something that will bring smiles to the masses, that’s why I am a writer and visual artist. I believe to have passion for your work, means to be able to feel and enjoy the pleasw·e and satisfaction of doing it. So, that very feeling and the need to create something that will uplift someone’s soul is what drives me each morning I get out of bed.

How did you find your passion and how old were you?

I cannot really recall how old I was, tricky, but one thing is for sure I was pretty young by then. From childhood had always liked to create, draw and write. But I got to embrace my talents very well when I got to University. I needed something to keep off clubbing, so I turned to writing and drawing in my spare time, that was in 2015.”

What about your passion appeals to you the most?

What appeals to me the most is being the voice to the voiceless. As a visual artist and writer, I have an opportunity to speak more about the plights we all go through in our daily lives. I have a distinct voice, and it can pierce a lot of hearts, that I need to use if we are to emerge on the other side of goodness.

What drove you to make money from your passions?

Life and its challenges. If anytl1ing, I would prefer to use my talents and others to benefit freely. But the society we live in today makes it hard, so you make what you love the most doing, pay your bills and that’s how we survive.

When was the first time you were paid for your passion?

When I was in high school, got invited to say a poem. Well, I was somehow paid, I received a stipend. So was like, oh this thing can make me earn some money.”

What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

The smile on my mother ‘s face whenever I do these things. And just the positive impact it has on others when they see my work.

What motivates you every day to be even more successful?

Quotes from great minds I guess, I will read about successful people the ones that never gave up and will let that drive me through.”

What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you?

When you have great determination, storms can also be a great source of motivation than fear. Never give up no matter the negatives.”

  • What advice do you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you?

If you have a talent, and you are shy to show it to the world. Well, it means, that is when you need to push through. Break out of your cocoon, success will chase you. Work hard and fight for what you are good at. Don’t wait for people to love what you do, teach them how to love what you love, let them feel your”
passion and enjoy it.