#CreatePreneurAfrica – Listen out for Gabon’s voice of pan African talent, DALIN ETOUMBI FOUARI


Born in Gabon and currently residing in South Africa, DALIN ETOUMBI FOUARI, fluent in French and English, adds a special touch to  the Pan African #WAKASTARS light of accomplished talent. #SWORNTRANSLATOR #POLITICALADVISOR #INTERPRETER #RADIOPRESENTER #VOICEOVERARTIST #AFRICA_CORRESPONDENT #EMCEE #SPEAKER

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The first Pan African talent agency.

Meet #CreatePreneurAfrica – DALIN ETOUMBI FOUARI – Voicing out the word!

Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life? 

Love is what drives me. People don’t realise how a voice can convey love, motivate and inspire and also hurt.

I love reading and writing, both of them always brings me to use my voice and put myself in a character and playing that role in my head and physically. When I read, I always feel the words, it’s like melting yourself into every single word that you are reading. Same goes for writing, I feel them pouring in me and then I start writing. If I don’t write, I’ll be like something is burning inside me and that is the moment where I’ll grab a piece of paper and write, but I am writing to require it, to express what I wrote even if I have to be a character for the moment, like imagine myself on a scene talking to a kid or a woman. Lol

How did you find your passion and how old were you? 

I remember watching movies and concerts where they were always announcing the artist, (James Brown, Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke) I was taking a broom as a microphone and was imitating the speaker. Same for the voice over on TV for movies.

 What about your passion appeals to you the most? 

It will be difficult to dissociate. Cause I believe that my passion for being behind a microphone and talk, goes with my passion for reading, writing and acting

 What drove you to make money from your passions? 

Let me tell you this lil story; one day, I went to Africa N1 to see if I could meet my favourite radio presenter. And while I was in the corridor talking, the director of programmes heard me speaking and asked me to follow him. He gave me a piece of paper with some words and asked me to read. He recorded and said please come tomorrow. I was 19. From that moment, I realised that my voice can be a positive factor. It wasn’t about at that age. And then I find myself in South Africa being a student (actually I was still learning English). The principal of the school announced that there was a production company that was looking for a French speaking Voiceover. That is when I recorded my voice at school on a cassette recorder and applied. That is when I was chosen for the V-O and that is where I realised that my passion could help me earn money and pay for my studies and living expenses.

 When was the first time you were paid for your passion 

It was in 2000, I will never forget that moment


What kept you going when you thought about giving up? 

My mother’s voice. Even after 16 years of her passing, I still hear her words in my head. She was was my greatest supporter.

What motivates you every day to be even more successful? 

To be in people’s lives and bring happiness. It always gives you a sense of responsibility. It did happen that young women and men came to me because they recognised me through my voice, and hearing them say thank you for being the voice I hear before sleeping is a priceless moment for me. It even amazing when some say “Dalin you are a model to me”, that is my motivation to be more successful.

What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you? 

I say thank you to them, cause every time they were doubting me, I was taking my energy and force through their doubts. I realised that they were doubting me cause I was trying, and I was falling too. If I was a failure they would not be doubting me, they would have just ignored me, but no, through their doubts they were paying attention and see where my failures would lead me to. For that, I am thanking them. You know my mother thought me from a young age that I should never give up no matter the amount of failures and obstacles ahead, as long as I know that it is for the right reason.

What advice do you give to aspiring creative's who look up to you? 

Always be humble and carry love. Never forget your roots, where you coming from. And if you are still blessed to have your mother around, listen to her advice and if it is your wife, listen to her. I always believe that a mother ‘s (women) hearts are filled with love and wisdom, that is the wisdom that guides many of the successful people on this planet.

#CreatePreneurAfrica, South Africa’s Zola Gule “social entrepreneur with an insatiable thirst for knowledge” coaching philosophy


Coming from a background with a lack of resources and withstanding a childhood journey with neverending societal obstacles in apartheid South Africa, Zola Gule , the founder of "Nostalgic Life", strives towards the key to change: "Self-management to excellence". 

Her gentle and effective balanced coaching philosophy creates an aura of safety,creating self-reflective constructive and mindful decisions towards self-development .

Rising about life challenges, she transitioned to emancipating herself from the blockages that surrounded her. Working together with young girls, she aims to keep them aspiring to greater heights and grow with learning seeds of insatiable appetite.



#Meet CreatepreneurAfrica – Zola Gule’s flight on  the wings of Hope And Courage

Zola Gule – Nostalgic life
What drives you? What’s your true passion in life?

Social justice, Health/wellness and continuous learning

How did you find your passion, how old were you?

My passion has been with me since childhood. When I played, I was always a teacher or sewing clothes for my dolls or reading. When I look back; my roleplays as a child are what I live today in my business. I did go the long route around before I could manifest the link into my adult creative life, I rediscovered the link at 27.

The lesson here is that we inherently know as children who we are meant to be but we internalise so many external messages and these move us further and further away from our passion our inherent wisdom.

What about your passion appeals to you the most?

 I am where I am because there are people who contributed to my growth and development. The best thing about my passion is that I get to pay those contributions forward, while I live my values of social justice and continuous learning. I get to make a small impact in people’s lives while I learn from them because I understand that every person, I interact with is a teacher. I just happen to have the tools to unpack the lessons for myself because of my chosen trade.


What drove you to make money from your passion?

 I learnt from one of my many mentors a while back, she used a car analogy for this and said; “Can a car move without petrol? So why on earth would you give your services for free?”  You need petrol for you to keep doing what you do and to scale. Then there is the second lesson; as a coach one of the things you are taught is that you cannot give your services for free, being able to charge/not charge is closely linked to your internal beliefs around money and the value of your offering.

 When was the first time you were paid for your services?

My first ‘job’; I was a receptionist at 19 so that would be when I was first paid for my services but being paid for my passion took a whole 3 years of learning and unlearning to ask for payment for what I do and this was when I turned 30. There is a vast difference between being an employee to when you work for yourself through your passion.

What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

 I used my values of freedom, continuous learning and social justice as a filter. Even when I was not making money, I loved being able to determine for myself what I should be doing with my time. That freedom brings a huge responsibility with it and requires creativity, agility, resourcefulness and resilience. I package all these into the expression of my offering, bringing all my experiences in life to create products that are authentic to me while in service of others. This way I know that I am aligned to my purpose.

What do you have to say to all the people who doubted you?

Through gratitude – Thank you for my fuel.

What advice would you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you?

 Be authentically you, no one can do you better than you. People can copy the idea but not the essence of who you are. Your whole existence is a gift, there is a reason you were born in the area, timing, gender or lack there of and your experiences all make up a unique brand, package it and let that be your springboard for your authenticity, creativity and living out your purpose.


CreatePreneur Africa South Africa’s Nic Buchanan – transforming African stories into entertaining , accessible formats.

After qualifying as a journalist, Nic Buchanan set path to the UK and Zimbabwe. The calling to return to South Africa defined a soul purpose ahead in redefining the world of African stories. Nic initially set up   Super Strikas , a Pan-African football-themed comic series,and went on to produce numerous other educational comics.

The Mandela Biographical comic book team of creators at Umlando Wezithombe became an international bestseller, translated into numerous world languages.


The journey of Nelson Mandela’s Authorised Comic Book continues… it will soon be made into an animated feature as well as a series in collaboration with 2D studio PIXCOMM, that was initiated by Nic in 2007.

Pixcomm studio produces Africa’s biggest children’s show, Jabu’s Jungle.

Jabus jungle currently has 52 episodes being broadcast across 40 African countries.

Working together with township animation students at False Bay college in Cape Town, Pixcoom establishment have received various  international awards   Development in the  world of  Africa’s animation is set to leave global trademarks


Meet CreatePreneurAfrica’s –    Nic Buchanan – Dynamically exploring the world of Africa’s storyland with a magical gloss


Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life? 

Telling African stories. This is driven by a desire to change the world’s view of the continent by putting out positive media about our history and heroes.

How did you find your passion and how old were you? 

I was 30 years old and joined a team to create Supa Strikas, an African soccer story, that was ultimately distributed internationally.

What about your passion appeals to you the most? 

I think we all go through an identity crisis at some stage, and need positive role models to identify with. Living in Africa, most of the role models that have been supplied are from colonial sources as they determined our history and how it is interpreted. To add variety to this story and slowly add indigenous elements that can change children’s lives is incredibly exciting.

What drove you to make money from your passions?

Supa Strikas was commercially successful and showed that local media for children has a place on the continent. That was a stimulus to take more content to the youth while creating a sustainable business.

When was the first time you were paid for your passion?

We approached the Nelson Mandela Foundation to do his story in a comic book. They loved the idea and together we approached corporate sponsors to cover production costs and printing. Our team got paid to do this story over the two years that it took.

 What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

Having worked in various other industries before getting into media, I was aware that there are always problems you are going to hit. You can move onto the next job, but those problems will find you. It’s better in the long run to overcome those problems if it is for something that is your passion.

 What motivates you every day to be even more successful?

We are operating in such a niche environment, ie creating media for African youth. It’s a place that is going to explode and we are sitting as first-comers which gives us certain advantages. One of our products, Jabu’s Jungle, is being broadcast across 40 countries and we are aiming at an audience pool of 100 million children. From there, we have a leverage which has huge value.

What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you?

I’ve never listened to them.

 What advice do you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you?

Start. Do it. Stop talking about it, and do it. Until you have something to sell you are nowhere, so create or be still. Technology has dropped the barriers to entry, anyone can create content.

#CreatePreneurAfrica South Africa’s Justice Mokoena’s prophesied voice of the Airwaves


TransAfrica Radio's Technical Producer, Music Compiler and On-Air Presenter Justice Mokoena's journey in the world of broadcasting knows no bounds.Gifted in the ever present era of flowing media airwaves, Justice Mokoena, a television and radio host is on an ongoing front seat  quest toward rising in the life game of ever flowing knowledge.

One can never say “I know enough” because it improves every day!                   __________________________________Justice Mokoena


It all initiated in 2008 when he went on hosting the afternoon drive show at Eldoz FM.  Very soon he elevated as the producer of the station with a keen interest inclined towards technical production.

By the beginning of April  2013, he joined QwaQwa Radio based in the Eastern Free State of South Africa, as an on-air presenter and Technical Producer.
As the host and producer of ‘The Party Time’ youth show, it became the most popular show on the station.

He hosted a variety of other shows at QwaQwa Radio station including the Breakfast Show, Midday Show and Afternoon Drive.

It was in April 2017 when he joined Theta FM based in Orange Farm in Gauteng, South Africa, hosting ‘Midnight Express’, and later a midday show, ‘Sissonke’  , hitting the airwaves as the station’s best show!.

Soon he joined the film industry playing a lead role as the character Kagiso, alongside legendary actors including Kgotso Nkhatho (Mopheme & Rhythm City), Thandi Matlaila (The Queen & Chisa), Directed by Charles Khuelefrom the renowned local series, Skeem Saam,    PALEHO is currently being aired on

  • Mzansi Magic Channel 161,
  • Mzansi Wethu
    Channel 163
  • Mzansi Bioskop Channel 164.



SUPPORTING ROLE as DETECTIVE BOKANG in the film titled 'Bohloko Baka'. He worked alongside the well known Seipati Mpotoane (Uzalo) and Tseko Monaheng (Rhythm City & Generations: The Legacy) and Maki Mokhitli (Keeping Score). The film was directed by Charles Khuele, known for a popular series 'Skeem Saam' (Skeem Saam). CURRENTLY airing on Mzansi Magic Channel 161 Mzansi Wethu Channel 163  Mzansi Bioskop Channel 164 


On the 26th of August 2017 he hosted the
red carpet for the 4th INGOMA Awards held
at Gold Reef City, Lyric Theatre.
On the 2nd of December 2017 he was
invited in Botswana to be the guest MC at
a Live DVD recording of Matthews
Matsetse (Lion of Judah original composer).
He was invited as a guest at Botswana Music Awards in 2017..

Meet #CreatePreneurAfrica Justice Mokoena  streaming the  joy of Africa’s Airwaves

Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life?

I am driven by the desire to reach the next level, and when I reach that level I aim for the next one so it’s a chain that never ends. Also, am by the fact that one never stops learning in the industry that I am in, there is never a point where you say I HAVE ARRIVED! You must always be up to date as the game changes everyday!  My true passion in life is to be the better version of me than the one I was yesterday. I want to inspire my son that when he looks at me he sees a role model not just a father, PASSION DRIVEN!

How did you find your passion and how old were you?

I was in grade 11/12, about 16 years old when one of my teachers who was teaching the Sesotho language (Mrs Gwambe) called me after class and said to me do I know that I am a radio presenter… I did not understand her clearly at the time because I was just a kid. She said to me I am the newer version and the future version of radio because I am very good with different languages and the way I deliver them, and this was after the oral speech competitions that we won and I came out tops.

What about your passion appeals to you the most? 

What about my passion appeals to me the most… The fact that I have an opportunity to do it almost every day and feel joyful about it. Not many people get the opportunity to do what they love, most people are stuck on things they don’t want to do, I am grateful!

What drove you to make money from your passions?

Well, we know most of passions start with being a hobby or “promoting yourself” as they would say but you have to get to a point where you have to realize that this is my bread and butter and I am good at doing this. But it is mostly not easy to make a living out of your passion as it takes time to sharpen it to get to the gold status, we are just being persistent and not giving up.

When was the first time you were paid for your passion?


It will have to be in 2013 when I joined QwaQwa Radio as a Technical Producer and on-air presenter. I signed a contract with salary attachment on it (smiles). But on my first “job” at Eldoz FM it was a voluntary gig, which I used to gain experience and it helped.

 What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

Fear of failing kept me going. I always have to keep trying and trying, in the process I learn a lot unlike giving up, I lose everything if I give up. And my family keeps me going, my wife and son are my great motivation to do more!

 What motivates you every day to be even more successful?

Life motivates me, my little family motivates me, circumstances push me to be better that yesterday and fears of being a failure makes me kick blankets every morning and go hustle. God motivates me to be even more successful!

What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you?

Thank you for doubting me, your doubts hurt me, and that pain made me even more stubborn. I was fired at a radio station (In 2017) because I went to shoot a film for television, but that pushed me to the next level. Don’t hate people who reject you, they are just playing their role in your life for you to go to the next level! It’s a test, pass it!

 What advice do you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you?

Before you look up to me, look up to your dreams and visions, don’t wish to be like me, wish to be like that little person in you who dreams big.


#SHUJAA _#WARRIOR  #Kiroho Mtoto : Mtoto wa kiroho kurudisha ulimwengu wetu  #WARRIOR  *spirit child taking back our earth_
The concept needs no global applause for it’s creation for any individual. It is a  universal calling _The creators are merely messengers.
It has been seeded, will be rooted and branched for the final soul harvest. The journey will manifest….  as it is surely a key to  “heaven on earth



Join the #LANGUAGEREVOLUTION_#SHUJAA #WARRIOR_ #KIROHO MTOTO coming soon. Spirit child taking back our world!



Our movie is a coming of age. The #LANGUAGEREVOLUTION ! # SHUJAA.#WARRIOR KIROHO MTOTO- taking back our earth!
A feature film of the millennium, as a spirit child is taking back our earth. A deep and satirical narrative questions the impact of language on world dominance.
Africa’s unification language Kiswahili enlightens awakened pathways of questioning. Support us as we delve into the satirical storyline of forced identities and roots that will be an indefinite new era

“Úshujaa” : Mtoto wa kiroho kurudisha ulimwengu wetu
*spirit child taking back our earth
  • Kihaka Gnd #WARRIOR
  • Gontse Manyelo #LIVECAPTURE_#camerallightsaction
  • Makhomotho Ngwasheng#FINALTOUCH..master of post-production…….
  • .Joseph Sarimbo…#MWALIMUKISWAHILI . Kiswahili expertise..
    musically flowing with PAN AFRICAN  MAKUKU LEGENDARY ENTERTAINMENT compositions .and more..tune in.


Testimonial from #SHUJAA Messenger
High and low tides….life has been on low tides…cash flow not flowing can leave you numb,  you pass out most of the day. Today passing time waiting for answers, I went outside, listening to president Magufuli,, workers day speech…And I imagined, daydreams, dozed off n dreamed in scenes, myself @kihakasupertanzaniastar @Mwalimu Kiswahili we’re meeting with Magufuli. Magufuli was chuckling n amused at my theme cos he figured I was not quite eloquent with Swahili. And I had to state a case of the concept. Justified myself as a third eye.
Then I said we just need support to.make the movie, the profits can go to Tanzania development budget and a portion to SA Kiswahili launch since these are in our storylines.yes….my.dream …We met Magufuli