#CreatePreneurAfrica Africa , Ghana’s Danny Arthurz – GHANA’S digital painting shine of innovation


A force to be reckoned with, sparkled by a quest for indefinite excellence with GHANA'S Daniel Arthur defines the world of graphic design and digital  painting. The renowned'çelebrity'artist'has worked with a wide range of Ghanaian and international public profiles.

His highlighted prowess in the world of art was presenting past and present presidents of Ghana with paintings. These include Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawling, Ex-president John Agyekum Kuffour, current President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo as well as the first lady Mrs. Rebecca Akuffo Addo.

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Many renowned public profiles have been honored with paintings including Bola Ray of the EIB Network Group, Nana Ama Mcbrown and Ama K. Abebrese who are actresses and Eddie Nartey, an actor, Benny Blanco a TV Presenter, Anthony Karbo, an MP, and a wide range of others.

Specializing in portraits and caricatures he has been motivated from continuous positive feedback from local and international design communities, as well as social media sharing ideas and learning from other artists

With these associations, he has secured a design contract with a London-based company, Zipped Multimedia and is currently the brain behind the design works and branding of  UK based Train2inspire Consultancy and S4L Consult


Meet #CreatePreneurAfrica –  Danny Arthurz, defining  Ghana’s shine in digital design!


Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life?

Well, I will say Itʼs God who drives me to work hard. I believe God is the master of all creativity and since he has deposited that creativity in me too, it propels me to work extra hard.

Well, my true passion in life is art and music. Music is good for the soul and for that matter, when I am painting with music I get a lot of inspiration and also the edge to work hard.

How did you find your passion and how old were you?

Growing up art has always been something that I really admire. But I wasnʼt so much into it because my educational background didnʼt give me that opportunity to learn at my early stage in life.

I became passionate about art when I met one guy who really inspired me to work extra- hard at my tertiary level. (Takoradi Technical University). I was 20 years of age when I really discovered my passion for art. This guy is a traditional painter and I  am a  graphic designer so I couldnʼt learn the traditional painting, so he started teaching me the fundamentals of digital painting.

Thatʼs when I re-realized how much am good in my field. I decided to visit online to learn more about Digital painting on YouTube.



What about your passion appeals to you the most?

Luck of financial support.

What drove you to make money from your passion?

I believe a lot can be done with social media when you look at the bright side of it. The positive feedback I had from social media- drove me to m-make money from my passion.

I realized a lot of people were interested in artwork and some of them encouraged me to work hard. And thatʼs when I realized I have to turn it into business. There are some people I talked to on Facebook that also helped me to get to where I am today and one person that I remember now is OSCAR Bimpong who is an inspirational speaker, This man took it upon himself and connected me to the right people.

When was the first time you were paid for your passion?

After my national service in Ghana, I started making money from it in the year 2015. And Ghanaians had an interest in my artwork after my artwork was recommended by some Ghanaian top celebrities and men of high esteem.

What kept you going when you thought of giving up?

I realized the people were interested in it and they were demanding for theirs too. At a point in time, some wanted to pay less for my artwork because they thought it was digital artwork. So I needed to brand myself well to penetrate through the market with my brand.

What motivated you to be even more successful?

Itʼs the determination behind my passion which is the drive to attention greater ambitions, And also to develop my talent to become a profession.


What do you have to say to all that doubted you?

Itʼs better not to be moved by negativity. Itʼs better to focus more on the positive life, than to lay emphasis on negativity.

What advise do you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you? 

Be passionate about what you do, work with determination. Stay focused, associate yourself with people who can help you and finally ……Develop your talent into a profession.


#CreatePreneurAfrica Ghana’s John Appiah striving for youth empowerment, leading ventures into human capital development


Rated as one of the top 100 influential speakers by  Speakers’ Bureau of Africa  in Ghana, John Appiah leaves no stone unturned in his zest for human capital development and strives enthusiastically for the empowerment of youth. His experience spans over ten years within high profile communication roles inclusive of Communications manager for the British High Commission, Marketing manager at Invest in Africa, Joy Fm's 'Super  Morning show' producer and as a presenter and anchor on TV3 & 3FM

His diverse profile and portfolio is embedded with a Master of Arts degree in Communication studies; A Bachelor of Arts  Political Science as well as  Sociology from the University of Ghana, Legon.

He is also a  Fellow with the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership Center (RLC) West Africa.


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As the  Managing Director of Koforidua Clinic, a Medical Facility that provides health services to the Koforidua community as well as surrounding towns, he lays emphasis on making lives around him better.

The CEO and co-founder of  A-League Consult, an independent human capital development training provider and also the founder and president of the Africa Chamber For Youth Development which is Africa’s premier youth development hub that has the overall goal of being the one-stop chamber where youth leaders undergo training, capacity building, and skills enhancement.

Board member of:

  • Role Model Africa
  • Innovation for Empowerment and Development (IFED)
  • SANYS Health Assistance Program
  • Days For Girls International- Ghana
  • Kosmos Innovation Centre (KIC) Mentorship Board

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Resident Communications Consultant

  •  International Perspective for Policy and Governance(IPPG) Africa

  • Young Diplomats of Ghana(YDG).

Volunteer Facilitator 

  • Junior Achievement Africa, Ghana Office

Meet CreatePreneurAfrica, Ghana’s John Appiah , human empowerment enthusiast


Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life?
My true passion is to contribute to making the lives of the people I engage with better. In that regard, I run three organizations that help me to pursue this purpose.
Koforidua Clinic which is a medical facility that provides health care for people in Koforidua in the eastern region of Ghana. I also run the A-League Consult which is a human capital development organization that seeks to empower business people, corporate workers, entrepreneurs and musicians/entertainers.
I set up the African Chamber for Youth Development as a non for profit that serves as a tool to equip young leaders and students with leadership skills, communication skills, and personal branding skills.
 How did you find your passion and how old were you?
I have always been a person who loves talking, teaching and leadership. All through my basic education, I had the opportunities to be elected/selected as class prefect. and eventually, in my final year in the basic school, I was elected as School prefect. That is where I realized I had a strong passion for empowering other people to be better.
What about your passion appeals to you the most?
The opportunity to lift others up and to be able to empower them to achieve their dreams.
What drove you to make money from your passions?
I realized that I could actually build a business around my passion to empower people through skills development and capacity building. So after about 10years working in various high profile positions in different organizations in the corporate world, I decided to quit and start my own business. That is where I set up the A-League Consult
When was the first time you were paid for your passion?
It was when I had my first contract to train the employees of a business organization some few months after I set up the A-League Consult
What kept you going when you thought about giving up?
The strong passion to make people better equipped and empowered to see their dreams come to pass that truly keeps me from giving up.
What motivates you every day to be even more successful?
The desire to be well positioned and influential to be able to give more to society
What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you?
Time indeed will make a big difference. The best way to prove all my naysayers wrong is to aggressively work very hard and to stay committed to seeing my dreams come to pass.
What advice do you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you?
Never Give Up! All things are possible to them that believe and are very committed to seeing their dreams come to pass
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Learn Kiswahili #THELANGUAGEREVOLUTION with Joseph Sarimbo -Kiswahili Numbers Lesson 2a


Greetings my fellow Kiswahili Learners. Welcome to the KISWAHILI #LANGUAGEREVOLUTION

Let us pass through  greetings in lesson one and noun classes in lesson two.

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Learn Kiswahili #THELANGUAGEREVOLUTION… at your doorstep with Joseph Sarimbo…! Lesson One

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Learn Kiswahili #THE LANGUAGE REVOLUTION with Joseph Sarimbo – Kiswahili Noun Class Lesson Two


And talking about numbers, lets get down to the counting and countables!

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When you count numbers from one to one thousands after ten you will start to add Units.

Kumi na moja eleven ( ten and one)
Kumi na mbili
Ishirini na moja
Ishirini na mbili
Thelathini na moja
Thelathini na sita
0 Sifuri
1 moja
2 mbili
3 tatu
4 nne
5 tano
6 sita
7 saba
8 nane
9 tisa
10 kumi
11 kumi na moja
20 ishirini
25 ishirini na tano
29 ishirini na tisa
30 thetathini
31 thelathini na moja
40 arobaini
50 hamsini
60 sitini
70 sabini
80 themanini
90 tisini
100 mia moja
200 mia mbili
300 mia tatu
400 mia nne
500 mia tano
600 mia sita
700 mia saba
800 mia nane
900 mia tisa
1000 elfu moja


#CreatepreneurAfrica Neil Schell, A story of visually connecting continents


Director and producer, Neil Schell,originally from North America and spanning a film and television career for three decades, arrived on Africa's entertainment scene and made a world of visual impact, beyond continents when he teamed up with renowned Kenyan actress Scolly Cheruto. 

As managing director of Cheruscopic Productions, the team has reached phenomenal heights. Currently, they are in development of an animation  African superhero series called MAXUS, Mogaka na Chema, a Kiswahili comedy, as well as OASIS, a co-production with Canada and South Africa supported by the Canadian Media fund and the National film and Video Foundation in South Africa

Neil  Schell has featured in renowned international shows like ‘ The Watchmen’, ‘A Team’ and Fringe. Bridging the continental gap between North America and Africa,  as a mentor and business partner at a leading production house in Kenya,Cheruscopic Production.Combined talents  brought together creative wonders like 39 episodes of a Kiswahili comedy called LokoLoko and thirteen episodes of an English drama, Twisted, as well as 26 Episodes of an English drama called Monica amongst many others.

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He is passionate about sharing skills in ongoing actors and apprentice workshops with continous workshops between tight schedules.

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A recent social media post by Neil Schell that caught the attention of the #CreatePreneurAfrica research group was an Actors Core Group 2019 course for actors to produce their own projects an take charge of their roles.

It reflected the boom stage of the film and television industry and the constant need for quality content.  It was a call out for actors aspiring to produce their own works and launching a career without ever looking back.

The #CreatePreneurAfrica team reached out regarding a feature film project in development, #SHUJAA, Kiroho Mtoto….#LANGUAGEREVOLUTION regarding a ‘warrior’ lead role envisioned to be played by none other than Lupyana Kihaka, a Tanzanian actor.

#CreateprenuerAfrica – Proudly Tanzanian Actor – Kihaka GND

Neil Schell came on board and agreed to support the project. Cheruscopic Productions were brought on board to join the #LANGUAGEREVOLUTION  as the executive producers of  #SHUJAA, Kiroho Mtoto_Mtoto wa kiroho kurudisha ulimwengu wetu #Warrior_ Spirit child taking back our earth… envisioned to be ‘the feature film of the millennium’

#Language revolution!
“Úshujaa  : Mtoto wa kiroho kurudisha ulimwengu wetu
*spirit child taking back our earth

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Meet  the passion of Africa, beyond continental borders  #CreatePreneurAfrica Neil Schell

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Tell us what drives you? What is your true passion in life?

My passion is to tell stories with the purpose of connecting Africa with North America so the people of both continents begin to understand each other more. Right now there is this huge misconception between their inhabitants.

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How did you find your passion and how old were you?

I wanted to be a part of the film and TV industries when I was around 16 years old.   But it took me a while to find my place.  It’s kind of been a continuous discovery over the past 4 decades.

What about your passion appeals to you the most? 

The freedom to create, to communicate on a large scale about things that matter and with that communication being able to inspire others to improve conditions for themselves and others.

What drove you to make money from your passions?

It  came hand-in-hand with wanting to reach as many people as possible.  The film and TV industries are the vehicle to achieve my passion and at the professional, money-making level the most people are communicated to

When was the first time you were paid for your passion?

 Way back around 1983.

  What kept you going when you thought about giving up?

Just somehow knowing that I was meant to do this line of work.

What motivates you every day to be even more successful?

The excitement I have for the projects I am working on.

What do you have to say to all of the people who doubted you?

I would have to say, “I know you couldn’t see it in me then but I am glad you can see it in me now.”

 What advice do you give to aspiring creatives who look up to you?

Be persistent and professional and never stop learning.  Enthusiasm is contagious. Spread it!